Thursday, January 18, 2007

Tsunami of Automation

Its been fun the last couple of months seeing the scramble by various infrastructure vendors to show they play in the automation space. For instance, there are application server vendors, managed hosting providers, and even SaaS management providers trying to move their marketing message into the enterprise service level automation and utility computing spaces. Still, in every case, the focus seems to be on some piece of the puzzle: servers and middleware, provisioning and customer service, or virtualized applications.

Seems to me that to achieve service levels for an application, each part of the application's infrastructure, from the app itself to the electricity it consumes needs to be measured and adjusted as needed to meet demand. I guarantee that if you do less, you will need to integrate your "policy-based" tools with other "policy-based" tools ad nauseum. And it will take you years to get there. (Note: we need standards here...)

Nonetheless, its good to see all of the market validation going on right now. And I encourage you to read about these vendors and others talking about utility computing, QoS, and automation. There are a lot of cool ideas here, waiting to work together...

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