Thursday, March 22, 2007

Service Level Automation Deconstructed: Introduction

Service Level Automation starts with three simple premises:

* The factors contributing to software service quality can be measured electronically.

* Runtime targets indicating high quality of service can be defined for those measurements.

* Systems involved in delivering software functionality can be manipulated to keep those measurements within the runtime targets.

I think the support for each of these premises should be explored more deeply, so I plan to begin a little survey of the technologies and academics over the next few weeks. The idea is to get a good sense of what standards/technologies/concepts/etc. can be used to meet the requirements of each premise. I also hope to discuss how a system smart enough to take advantage of them(*) can save a large datacenter both in terms of direct costs, as well as in losses due to service level failures.

Why Service Level Automation? I wrote about this earlier. However, as a quick reminder, think of service level automation as meeting this objective:

Delivering the quantity and quality of service flow required by the business using the minimum resources required to do so.

I've been quite busy both at work and at home, so I'm hoping to use this exercise as a way to increase my posting frequency. Stay tuned for more.

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