Monday, December 10, 2007

User Experience and Fluidity (er, Patration...)

First, thanks to Simon in reminding me about his seminal post defining a new key industry term, patration, to define what I call software fluidity. Is he serious? Only your use of the term in every day life will tell... [Insert cheezy smiley face here.]

Second, if you haven't run across it yet, check out the debate between Robert Scoble/Nick Carr and Michael Krigsman/the Enterprise Irregulars about the need for enterprise software vendors to learn from the "drive to sexiness" of consumer software. My personal opinion? I've worked in enterprise software for years, and I still don't understand why engineers take no pride in making something amazing to install, learn and use. All the effort goes into command line tools and cool functions, little goes into human experience. How has Apple remained relevant all of these years? A focus on sexiness, without losing sight of functionality.

I agree with Nick, sexiness and functionality/stability are not mutually exclusive--except in the eyes of most enterprise software vendors...

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