Friday, April 04, 2008

John Willis Honors Me with Inaugural Cloud Cafe Podcast

I am the inaugural guest in John Willis's Cloud Cafe podcast series. I couldn't be more honored.

Those of you who have been following this whole "what is Cloud Computing" debate may have had the opportunity to see the conversations between several bloggers regarding how to define cloud computing and related technologies. John Willis, of the John Willis ESM Blog, is making a key contribution by taking on the challenge of classifying vendors in this space. As I had some issues with his classification of Cassatt, he thought the best way to resolve that was to invite me to launch his new series.

Two things were resolved in this podcast.

First, I learned first hand what a classy guy John is. He handled the interview very well, let me talk my butt off (a talent I got from my minister mother, I think) and had several observations over the course of the conversation that showed his tremendous experience in the enterprise systems management space. I feel quite sheepish that I ever hinted that he wasn't being forthright with his audience. Lesson gratefully learned; apology gladly offered.

Second, John and I were always much closer in our visions of cloud computing, utility computing and enterprise systems than it might have appeared at first. Our conversation raged from the aforementioned "what is cloud computing" question, to topics such as:

  • the relationship between cloud and utility computing,
  • the cultural challenge facing enterprises seeking the economic returns of these technologies,
  • how cloud and utility computing revolutionize performance and capacity planning, and
  • where Hadoop and CloudDB fit into all of this.
In the end, I think John and I agreed that cloud computing is more than just virtualization on the Internet. I very much enjoyed the conversation, and I hope you will take the time to listen to this podcast.

Got questions or comments? Post them here or on John's blog; I will check both.

Finally, I will be working to get Cassatt's entry in John's classifications updated as a result of the discussion.

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