Friday, September 19, 2008

9 Sources of Cloud Computing News You May Not Know About

I'm a cloud junkie, as most of you know, and I spend way too much of my time perusing feeds and lists for content that sheds light on cloud trends and challenges. However, I have a secret; I streamline my looking somewhat by leveraging sites that aggregate amazing information into regular lists of stories. Below is a rundown of several of these lists, including a few that you may not have been aware of.

Please note that this is not a list of all of my favorite cloud computing blogs; I have scads of favorites that are not listed here because they are not "news feeds", but rather pure commentary/analysis, vendor blogs, or technical errata. (The problem with categorizing blogs, however, is that many "news feeds" are filled with commentary and analysis as well...*sigh*.)

Without further ado:
  • Google Alerts: "Cloud Computing" | "Utility Computing": Actually, I run these two terms in two different alerts, but the two of them are more than I can read most days. "Utility Computing" is rather light, but "Cloud Computing" often runs in the tens of posts/stories a day now.

  • Jian Zhen and Michael Mucha run this automated feed of cloud computing and SaaS related stories. The list is dense every single day, and is the quickest way I know of right now to catch on to the more subtle conversations going on about these subjects. It is also lightly (or even not) moderated, so be prepared for tons of "its all been said before" posts.

  • On-Demand Enterprise's Cloud Computing Topic: The former Grid Today folks at Tabor Communications have really become a go to resource when it comes to vendor coverage, especially in the traditional enterprise data center software and virtualization space. Good analysis, complete coverage of announcements, and posting of entire press releases (which is very handy, believe me). Not quite as good for the theory stuff, though.

  • Avastu Blog: Sustainable Global Clouds: I just discovered Tarry Singhs' excellent blog a few weeks ago. He somehow finds companies and stories that I absolutely do not find elsewhere. Tarry appears to be very well connected in the Indian venture capital world (and, I assume, the EU equivalent, as he states he is from the Netherlands). He also "gets" cloud computing.

  • GigaOm - Infrastructure: Of the "big" tech bloggers, Om Malik and his team get my vote as the most informed and connected in the cloud computing space. Yeah, they are largely telecom/Web 2.0 happy, but they clearly understand that there is less and less distinction between those markets and the cloud, and they regularly produce news items that make you think. Oh, and you can subscribe to just the Infrastructure feed, which is where most of the good PaaS and IaaS stuff is.

  • ZDNet - Software as Services: For the SaaS game, there is no one like Phil Wainewright for a combination of scoops and analysis. In fact, his analysis is so deep I thought of leaving him off this list, but in the end this blog makes me aware of too many new SaaS vendors, applications and services.
  • TechCrunchIT: Steve Gillmore's new collaboration with Michael Arrington's red-hot TechCrunch isn't a "pure" cloud computing news source, but it scoops just enough that I thought I'd include it. Be prepared to wade through tons of politics and "Social Software" to look for the cloud computing gems, however.

  • Data Center Knowledge: Rich Miller's blog is (for me) the source of two key pieces of intelligence in the cloud computing game: data center build-outs, and outages. Rich seems to find every single announcement about new or growing data centers, the companies planning to enter the cloud provider game, and the infrastructure challenges of the cloud. This is one of my favorites for sure.

  • The Wisdom of Clouds (RSS/Atom Feed): OK, a bit of shameless self-promotion, but for those of you who have arrived at this site via HTTP, and are not subscribed to my feed, it is important to note that I use Feedburner to publish my daily bookmarks. In addition, I currently use as my "quick blog" tool, and I comment on every bookmark I record there. Several readers have highlighted this as a favorite aspect of my feed. I am trying to get the "Blog Posting" feature working, so the same lists appear in the HTML pages (so they can be commented on, etc.), but so far no luck.

What are your favorite sources of cloud computing news?