Monday, September 29, 2008

See You at Camp! CloudCamp, That Is!

For those of you lucky enough to make the CloudCamp Silicon Valley cut (registration is full, except for a few lucky souls who attend SDForum's Cloud Computing and Beyond conference on Wednesday), I look forward to meeting you. I am especially excited about connecting with folks like Geva Perry, Lew Tucker and Franco Travostino, but the entire field looks amazing. (Take a look at Franco's latest paper to see why he's on my list.) It should be a heck of an evening.

I'm hoping to present briefly about what the Stored Communications Act, the Patriot Act and Steven Warshak vs. United States of America are going to do to undercut any technical innovation in the cloud by U.S. companies.

Regardless, stay tuned for my report on the event soon afterward. My schedule has been packed lately, with my work at Alfresco combining with increased responsibilities at home to create a perfect vacuum of blogging time. However I have a couple of what I hope are really good posts in the works, and may have time to get caught up later in the week. In the meantime, I'll continue to send links on my feed.

By the way, I am trying Diigo now for bookmarking, and they are supposed to have the best support for posting links to Blogger. However, while I can get manual posts to work, the automated daily feeds are failing without error (much as they do with the experimental daily blog post). If anyone can help me figure this out, it would be greatly appreciated. I'll check the comments on Discus (see below) and FriendFeed, so feel free to post either place. Or, contact me directly at jurquhart at yahoo dot com.