Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Two More Sources of Cloud Computing News You May Not Have Heard About

I recently posted on "9 Sources of Cloud Computing News You May Not Know About", providing you with a list of my favorite "short cuts" to keeping up on the cloud computing marketplace. I'd like to quickly add two more to the list:
  • CloudAve CloudNews posts: I'm still getting a feel for the long term direction that the folks at CloudAve are taking, but this category of posts provides a steady stream of industry news, mostly focused on vendor activities. There is a good mix of cloud infrastructure, SaaS and others markets covered here, and the commentary added to each link is an added feature for quick browsing.

  • Twitter Search: I leave a tab open in my browser now with the single word, "cloud", active in Twitter Search. This page has a nice feature in which it indicates how many more recent tweets there are available since the last time you reloaded. What's great about this is that you get a feel for the pace of traffic, which can help you identify a big story breaking. I also like the fact that little known bloggers and authors can make their content known to me this way. This is quickly becoming my favorite way to find unusual opinions on--and visions for--the cloud.