Monday, November 03, 2008

Overcast: Conversations on Cloud Computing

I'm happy to announce that Geva Perry and I have started a new podcast, titled "Overcast: Conversations on Cloud Computing". The show covers cloud computing, virtualization, application infrastructures and related topics, and we will be inviting a number of prominent guests in coming weeks to inform us and our listeners about both the truly revolutionary and the simply evolutionary aspects of the cloud. We are also both skeptical enough to ask some tough questions about the reality of the cloud from time to time. We hope you'll enjoy the discussion, and provide plenty of feedback.

Geva has some additional details and insights on his blog. Visit the podcast blog at, which provides a synopsis of the discussion, and links to relative sites, etc. Subscribe, either via RSS or in iTunes, and if you want to participate in a future show, contact me at james dot urquhart at yahoo dot com.

Here is the summary of Show #1:

We discuss recent news in cloud computing including:

We also discuss:

  • The potential roles of IBM, HP and Sun in cloud computing
  • The recent debate between Tim O'Reilly and Nick Carr on the Network Effect in cloud computing
  • The notion of vendor "vision lock-in" -- announcements aimed at making potential customers take pause before selecting a cloud vendor
  • and much more...