Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Links - 08/08/2007

As you can see on the upper right hand column of my blogspot page, I have added myself to the realm. Seems like a very cool service, and its already given Ken Oestreich some visibility. (See below.)

The CMDB - An anemic answer for a deeper crisis (Fountnhead; Ken Oestreich): Ken is, of course, a collegue, so I may be a little biased, but I love what he is saying here. Basically, if you are keeping a CMDB, you are keeping manual records of the state of your data center. If you automate with a system that tracks its actions, then you have an automated way to keep those records. I think he washes over the legal requirements for a CMDB a little bit, but other than that, you need to read this. I learned of this post via Google Alerts, and

Nirvanix To Challenge Amazon S3 (TechCrunch): A San Diego startup is daring to challenge Amazon's S3 dominance of the nacent Storage-as-a-Service market. Judging from the comments, these guys have their work cut out for them.

Green Grid lays out 2007 roadmap (Between the Lines; ZDNet): This was the only interesting piece of news to come out of the Green Data Center panel at LinuxWorld, IMHO. When combined with the EPA study, it looks like a trickle of real science being injected into the "green" hype. Its still all talk at this point, but I expect to see some useful tools and guidance from both sources. I hope that optimizing to service levels is one of the key criteria, though.

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