Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Links - 08/21/2007

MaaS - Money as a Service (Roman Stanek's Push-Button Thinking): The analogy of banking to software usage is a good one. As Roman says:
"[A]s nobody would keep their money at home stuffed in a mattress anymore, I don't expect users to go through the pains of installs, upgrades, re-installs and maintenance of complex software products. "
Sure enough. However, note that there are always some entities that keep their own cash handy: banks, for one, not to mention government treasuries. In the same vein, I think there will always be certain non-IT organizations that will maintain their own data centers, such as financial firms with proprietary IT that enable competitive advantage, as well as law enforcement and national defense.

Millions of Square Feet (RackLabs: Lew Moorman): This is an interesting example of how computing needs translates directly into physical space. I'm interested in knowing what RackSpace / RackLabs view of the business model for utility computing is, but at the very least we can see that giant compute farms are most definitely in our future.

Tech's own data centers are their green showrooms (InfoWorld: Robert Mullins, IDG News Service): This article covers the "eat your own dog food" approach that both Sun and Fujitsu are taking in terms of energy efficient computing. It is interesting to me, however, that none of the solutions described simply turn unused equipment off...

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