Thursday, August 23, 2007

Links - 08/23/2007

AWS and Web 2.0 Mapping (WeoGeo: Paul Bissett): Paul, founder of WeoGeo, a company focused on geospacial solutions, made a comment in this post that I thought needed sharing:

Mapping, particularly quantitative mapping like GIS, and AWS go together like peanut butter and jelly (I have 3 small kids who have been out of school all summer, so this was the first analogy that came to mind). The utility computing of EC2 and the large web-addressable disk storage of S3 provide opportunities for developing and sharing of mapping products that previously were cost prohibitive.

A solar-powered data center saves energy its own way ( Mark Fontecchio): Frankly, I think this may actually be a wave of the future. Time to buy cheap real estate in the California desert, folks. (No access to the grid required! Drill a well for water, dig a septic tank, and Internet access is your only utility need.) Given the success is having here, I would be surprised if more small-medium sized data centers don't pop up where the sun shines almost every day.

Hell, with the spaceports going up in New Mexico, that state's deserts might not be a bad place to place your bet either.


Anonymous said...

Hi James,
Interesting posts of late, cheers for the writing!

I recently bought a Zonbu PC to try out. Interesting little box only 10W power draw and it's storage is actually on Amazon S3. So I think the monitor and lights in the room are drawing more electricity than the PC. (If I factor in the network switch, ADSL router, WiFi router etc. the Zonbu is definitely the lowest consumer I suspect.)

All that said, my old Compaq laptop saves even more power... it's turned off. :)

Anonymous said...

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