Monday, March 17, 2008

How to find me these days...

I must apologize for my continued absence (8 days now) in the blogosphere, but I have a "perfect storm" of time-demanding things in my life right now. Blogging is taking the hit, unfortunately. I should be back to regular posting in the next week or two.

In the meantime, you can follow what I am reading/doing at If you are on FriendFeed already, just subscribe to me and I'll return the favor.

Also, if you haven't watched Simon's pre- and post-conference talks from the Enterprise 2.0 Summit at CeBIT, they are a must-watch. Simon is really tightening up this talk, and I hope he gets a chance to present it soon in sunny CA.

Finally, I am using my page now to highlight key articles and posts from my Google Alerts emails (most importantly, alerts on "utility computing" and "cloud computing"). This will also show up on FriendFeed, however.

Lot's going on. I'm itching to comment on Ray Ozzie at MIX, James Governor on what makes cloud computing cloud computing, and what I hope to achieve at GreenDevCamp this year.


LanceW said...

Hi James,
don't fade out on us mate! Keep on blogging, I really enjoy your posts.

FriendFeed is interesting, you should check out NoseRub which is similar. I have it on my site it aggregates all the different feeds you might have.

I am leaning towards it over other things like FriendFeed as I own the data. It sits on my server and I can move it.

Ties quite nicely to your posts on vendor lock-in.

swardley said...

Hi James,

First, thank you for the kind comments about my talk - that's very much appreciated.

Second, we all need to take a break at some point, however I'm with James I really do enjoy your posts.

It's also so good to have people like yourselves and Rich raising questions about the whole vendor lock-in issue in the wonderful world of aaS.